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Heyday Foundation

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“What future artist will we empower today?”

The Heyday Foundation creates a transformative arts community giving a voice to the voiceless. It exists to raise up and release the next generation of musicians, dancers, thespians, and creatives by providing educational tools and opportunities that are both enriching and rewarding.

The Heyday Foundation supports creative projects, and education events in the Ozarks. Our goal is to ensure that every young person in the Ozarks can achieve their creative potential by providing artistic opportunities they will learn from and love. We believe that the arts, and the chance to participate in high-quality creative activities, should be available to every child.

We organize musical and dance exhibitions, and stage youth engagement programs to ensure that aspiring artists have the right tools to start their careers.

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How We Help the Community

The Heyday Foundation engages young musicians in festivals and concerts to help them showcase their skills and gain fan audiences. The foundation/charity also advocates for new music makers, to highlight the importance of continuous music education. Furthermore, their music mentors share expert advice, support, and feedback with musicians to motivate them in their passion or career. Moreover, they support music literacy by giving musicians working opportunities with industry professionals across the US. They also offer scholarships to underprivileged youth to ensure that aspiring musicians have access to the right tools to begin their musical journey.

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Supporting the Heyday Foundation

Provides countless educational opportunities for creative arts students

Provides scholarship for underserved children and families

Provides financial assistance to young aspiring artists for musical equipment, dance gear, and educational materials needed to grant opportunities for these student to share their gifts with the community

Provides Master Classes, Educational Travel, College Scholarships for the Fine Arts

Provides Performance and Concert opportunities throughout the year for students to give back the gifts they have been given.

Advances the performing Arts in the Ozarks

Donate Today

Your continued generosity helps us achieve our mission-to create a transformative arts community giving a voice to the voiceless. “What future artist will you help empower today?”

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